October 20, 2007

Aha…In Switzerland…

Just arrived in Zurich today.

Bollywood has made Switzerland a famous city. I guess like Finland, this country should also give due credit to Indian film industry. The number of tourists from India are increasing every year. as a teenager, I always wanted to come to Switzerland and have fun in the Alps.

The place is amazing, Swiss people have all the right to be proud of themselves and the achievements. To put a vast network of trains, trams and buses must have need great amount of research and planning on an ongoing basis.

The buses, trams and trains are on time. Go to a website or send SMS to a number and plan your trip, to the minute. You are guarunteed to reach anywhere in time, that too using public transport. For some one, from a city of Pune, of country where the economy is growing at the rate of approx 8%, its somekind of 'Culture Shock'. I have been to UK and there too the public transport was excellent, however in Zurich, its in a class of its own.

In my city, Pune, it took 4 years to build a flyover of 2Kms -4 Kms.

Do we have civil engineers in the decision making circles?

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Anonymous said...

would love to visit and see zurich. U lucky to be there. Enjoy and write more.