September 04, 2006

Tunisia: Tunisian Sojourn blog

I wanted to ensure the focus and therefore, after much deliberations, I have put a separate blog about Tunisia travel.

I have put the pictures first in it as there is lot of textual posts which are in the pipeline and I will add them soon.

While in Tunisia, I tried my level best to capture the beauty of the place and the surroundings, as much as I could. Although I captured some through the camera, I could not understand the local culture and issues, however, as the local news papers were in Arabic or French, the languages which I do not know at all.

While I saw the few beautiful beaches under a colorful setting sun and in a hot summer sun too, I also saw a zoo with beautiful animals. Let me also mention the medinas I visited in Tunisia. These old walled cities are a treat to the eyes of anyone who admires the beauty of rustic places.
And then there were few encounters with the locals who paid due respect to me when they learned about my nationality. The Tunisians, I think, think very higly about India and Indians.

The blog is rightly titled as Tunsian Sojourn

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