August 04, 2006

Tunisia: A Beautiful place

It’s almost three months in Tunis and its been wonderful experience. Staying in an Arabic society and working with them has been a great experience.

I have been to the United States, England and Scotland earlier, but this experience was pleasantly different than the other ones.

Not sure what has made me feel this. Probably, it’s the similarity in cultures that has made me comfortable here but again I really can’t comment.

Moreover, if you tell them that you belong to India, then, most of the times, you are welcome with warmth. Tunisian people have lots of respect for India and its people. Few of my Tunisian colleagues also knew about Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Indira Gandhi. They told me that Indian history is a part of the school curriculum. Sadly, fewer Indians know about Tunisia and the experience it has to offer.

Tunisia is a beautiful country. The country has maintained the old charm while new culture and technologies are also embraced.

Some of the towns in Tunisia have kept their ancient look. In the last three weeks, I have visited several wonderful places. These visits became more of photography expeditions rather than experiencing the joy of being at a particular place. I was fortunate to visit some of the beautiful beaches, towns, historical places and a zoo. These visits gave me an opportunity to click some of the best photographs I have clicked so far.

Needless to say, I would like to comeback and stay longer here. It’s a beautiful, safe place with good, friendly, warm and helping people.

I plan to write about the visits along with the photographs after I reach back.

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