August 17, 2006

Back in India, Aha!!!

Reached back on Monday 14th August 2006.

It was an eventful(!) stay in Tunisia.

I experienced what harassment is, how one can abuse the available tools, technologies, resources, relationships and how the hard earned customer confidence gained over two years can be spoiled in a day's time.

I lived and worked with arabs and I am delighted. It was a beautilful experience to be with them.

There are too many lessons learned and will be documented positively. Will soon embark on the task of documenting the lessons learned, however, writing about Tunisia is first on priority.

I will start a series of posts to describe a wonderful place called Tunisia, an arabic country, sadly, most of the Indians are not aware of.

I have just started to organize the photographs. Will take another few days before I start posting them along with the posts.

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