July 12, 2006

Mumbai: Time to Act

After the repeat of floods in Mumbai, and the city came to halt momentarily, a high court in Mumbai slammed BMC for adding to the vows of Mumbaites. A city of 17 million people crawled back to normalcy some how.

After few days, one international magazine declares the city as the rudest one on the planet.

And then comes the tragic bombing.

Not being from Mumbai can not be a reason for not thinking about it. Fortunately my family was safe in all kinds of disasters which the city of Mumbai has experienced so far; however, I have some dear friends and their loved ones in Mumbai. I have my colleagues in Mumbai. My Countrymen are in Mumbai and most of them pay taxes and have a right elect governments.

Being out of India, this point of time, this citizen of India is feeling enraged and I think that Mumbaites, including the politicians, must give a thought that:-

  • Isn’t it to time to accept that the sheer focus which Mumbai needs is so voluminous that a single government can not focus on Mumbai along with rest of the state?
  • Isn’t it the case the managing Mumbai along with the other state is becoming increasingly difficult?
  • If it is not difficult to manage then isn’t it the time to think why such things keep repeating?
  • Is this not the time to think that Mumbai needs a separate body of governing council?
  • Isn’t it that the government body’s inactions get hidden behind the spirit of Mumbaites?
  • Isn’t it that the focus of politicians of India should shift to governing better?
  • Isn’t it that the government should consider itself as a service provider in return to the taxes citizens pay?
    And most important,
  • Isn’t it a matter of proud that the politicians should realize that Mumbai has grown so much that it needs to be treated as a separate entity and needs to be taken care of with a larger perspective?

I think we need thinking politicians to think on these lines, with the most educated Prime Minister in power, I hope this will happen soon.


Dr. Shaloo said...

I agree that a renewed thinking is required for the city. but at the same time, spirit of people in mumbai was something to see, all were back to work and travelling in the same trains within 24 hours of bombing. Citizens of Mumbai have even sent warnings to terrorists rather than our dear political representatives. I sincerely hope that govt will think on the lines u have mentioned. I just pray for public and their well being.

Anonymous said...

I agree that in recent time Mumbaikars have suffered a lot. Floods, Bandh of Shivsena & now terror attack sapped the spirit of Mumbaikars.

But are those things limited to Mumbai ? Floods hit not only Mumbai, but Thane Raigad districts as well. Infact in last years flood Sangli was absolutly turned in to river. It had been completely disconnected from the Main land. But Media focussed only on Mumbai.

Bandh called by shivsena was effective in many parts of Maharashtra including Mumbai.

Even in recent terror attack there 22 people from Vasai-Virar region (Thane District) who lost their lives. Terrorism certainly not limited to Mumbai.

Why to focuss only Mumbai & why not other regions like Then, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur... ?
Infact Maharashtra government is sitting in Mumbai & concentrating on the projects like Metro raiol, Bandra worli sealink, many other bridges while neglecting other parts of state like Vidharbha.

I think instead of having separate governing body for Mumbai, it needs to have powerful Munciple Corporation. BMC should be made stronger & shold be accountable to what s ahppening in Mumbai. And this should be applied to all other munciple corporation like TMC (Thane), KDMC (Kalyan-Dombivli), PMC (Pune).

Mumbai has definitely grown out of its proportion. It can be sorted by dividing Mumbai in 2 parts viz. North & south & having separate Munciple corporation for them.

Puneet Kuthiala said...

You are right.

We should not focus on one city.

I think our poiliticians do not have understanding of what governance is!!!

Most of them seem to be of the opinon that a speech is enough for few months then someone can write the next speech for them they will deliver it and matter ends there.

As citizens, I think we can only take the legitmate means and try to enable politicians to make the right decisions.

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you this PM of ours can not make any difference. The breed of humans which we call politicians, is not something which we can trust in this country. I think they should be made to travel in local trains and buses. They should made to live in low lying areas of Mumbai in Monsoon.