May 01, 2006

Pondering Over...

Today, when I am changing over to another Organization, just pondered over the last five years...

First things first:

· The fundamentals should never be changed.

· The beginning years are very important. The childhood days should be handled with care by pumping right values to make way for strong foundations and right fundamentals.

· One must know and understand one’s own basic instincts.

· It’s just impossible to change the fabric. Our fabric should govern the strategy for envisaged future.

· The desired change must be aligned with the fundamentals and the fabric.

· If one wants to become famous and rich, he does not have to become Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Amitabh Bachchan. It’s the qualities that make or break the fortunes.

· It’s always beneficial to know your positive points but it goes a long way if you know your negative points as well and it breaks you if you don’t.

· It’s not the well written, communicated and delegated goals which make them attainable, it’s the magic of Focus which does the wonder.

· A stupid is manageable but an idiot is a high risk.

· It’s always beneficial to keep few idiots around, any one who needs to be avoided, can be asked to be with these idiots. People will go without having to avoid them.

· They say, life is about change, I say, many times it takes lot of efforts and at times efforts of a life time to bring about the desired change.

· To know people is excellent. The key is to know right people who can understand and act like consultants to advise you on what will work.

On the other thoughts

All the above points are applicable for individuals and perhaps for Organizations as well, but it's for the IIM's and Havrads to decide.

Certainly, my personal opinon...

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