May 16, 2006

In Mumbai

It’s been less then a couple of weeks I am in Mumbai.

I have had lot of friends who are from Mumbai and each one of them keep talking about the dynamism and energy life in Mumbai has.

This is true. This is a vibrant city. The sheer energy of majority of people is amazing.

Having settled in Pune and lead a fairly active life style, I do not think I do not have much energy in me.

Mumbai is a class apart.

But I think the energy of the city is limited to the common man and not the administrators of the city.

Monsoons are approaching and…

  • The roads are dug
  • The footpaths have some uncovered manholes
  • Many places, a single step on the road, can take the life out of your body and change the course of your life, but there are no warning signs which can be seen in the dark.
  • The drains have filthy smell.
  • And I know, some income tax will be cut from my next month’s salary…

I think the very energy is setting in me…I am also a Mumbaikar with loads of energy…

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Paige Kearin said...

Mumbai sounds wonderful. I would love to visit one day!