March 27, 2006

Another Tryst with Destiny

It’s been an amazing ride.

I prepared for an online venture of mine for six months. Roped in a friend of mine to help me with the technology issues and this man went beyond his ways to help me out. I worked days and nights together. I was about to launch it on 26th February 2006. An unexpected event occurred on 24th and I was literally forced to keep away from all this for the next six months. While I am rebuilding my health after those demanding weeks, I have realized, YOU GOT TO BE INSANE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

Not that we do not know it, we keep forgetting it.

In the next six months I have decided to start doing what I always wanted to do.
I have decided to write on Project Management more frequently, exercise and work harder and stay away from any venture.

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