February 16, 2006

The Tryst

…And then I turned to internet. Researched for few weeks and started a website. But starting a website was not good enough. It needed to be promoted. Free promotions need lot of work which was not possible in my case and paid promotions didn’t work. In the process, I learned lot about ecommerce. The ideas started to pour in and all needed huge capital investment.

I came across cases the housewives who started online business and now they were millionaires. But then again when they started they were housewives when they started. I came across the stories of ordinary people who are making extraordinary money. They were the ones who had done a lot to be there.

I lost some money in this process and after few months paused my online journey for a while to reflect on what I was doing and where I wanted to go. I gave good thought to it and spent few days doing nothing and then I came across a story. It was an amazing story of someone who made lot of money with a simple idea. And it had the potential to give me the MBA, which I need badly.

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Anonymous said...

remember, tough times never last but tough people do!!!