January 30, 2006

Planning for the goal

It was in mid 2004 that I realized that after having spent 7 years in and with Indian IT industry maturing and consoldating, there was a need to upgrade the skills we have. Being an aggressive person, I decided to take my career to the next level and set a target for myself. It was to gain an international MBA by studying full time in an international B-School. I did not want to opt for Indian B-Schools becasue I think that we still live in a world of perfomance in exams and there is too much importance attached to the theory papers. Again in my humble opinion.

This goal brought with months of grilling activities and preparation for GMAT, IELTS, shortlisitng the schools, writing Essays and Satement of Purpose amongst my daily routine of work at office and attending to my daughter in the evenings and weekends. In between, I had to be in UK for some assignment for 5-6 months, which disturbed my preparation severly.

Thanks to wife for supporting me althrough.

But it was all the worth, after I got through University of Bradford and University of Startclyde. I managed to secure a position in full time MBA in both the B-Schools. It was a like I was going to be living my dream. I had realized that what we mean by living our own dreams. And started taking action for the way ahead...and knocked on the doors of few nationalized banks for Education Loan.

There I was sitting in front of Bank Manager and having a chat about the loan...

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Jackson said...

Came across you Blog. Great to hear about your goal. Wish you more success.

All the best!

Jackson Ng