January 20, 2006

2005:The MOST MEMORABLE year!

Last year has been a memorable one...A year when I set a goal and could not achieve it...rarely it happens when I set a goal and I do not achieve it...even after working over it for a long time...I set a goal in 2004..worked slowly on it...identified milestones...kept on working on it everyday and kept on achieving milestones as well...it took me full one year to reach the last but one milestone..complete 12 months of exercise apart from the work...But it was in my mind...at work...at home...while driving my car...or when I was struck in traffic..on the bumpy roads of my city (at times flooded)..while having on the dining table or in the bathroom of my house.

It was all over...the cliche that “You must give it what you have” was visibly in action.

I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of my efforts and had been working well for the last milestone as well. things were going smooth very well and it was in line with what I had envisaged and planned... TILL....

I knocked at the doors of the great INDIAN SARKARI BABUS...(The red tape laden government officials)!!!

It was a greatest ever roadblock I had ever come across. Anyone who has tried to get things alone in the govt offices...can very well relate to my statement.

Will write more about it...Watch this space...

Although it does not happen all the time and I do come across good govt officers, the impact of meeting such govt officers was so high that it has absolutely ruined my chances of getting an MBA from UK. Moreover we can find more examples of inefficient govt officers then the good ones..or are the good ones under publicised?

I think, we should have a recognition system. The citizens should be given an opportunity to recognize effcient govt offices and it should be supported by paper and electronics media. We will have more examples of good govt offiers and hope the system would improve then.

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