November 16, 2005

Project Management: for Humans!!!

A prince of a flourishing kingdom, who aspired to be a King one day but lost out to his younger brother due to the fact that he himself was blind, found himself on the throne due to premature death of his younger sibling. The sages, saints and scholars of the country decided that he will remain the caretaker of the kingdom and the throne.

All the king’s men remained loyal to him and he run the kingdom excellently and it flourished further. The king had fabulous children and the young princes were intelligent, brave, courageous determined and fame their spread like wildfire on the earth.

The king’s younger brother, who had died at a very young age, had left a wife and five sons. His young son’s we also very brave, brilliant students and claimed their fame at a very young age.

According to the arrangement, the King will have to give his kingdom to the eldest of them, he being eldest of all and the legitimate heir to the throne, after his father’s death.

The king remembered it all his life. For a man of hi stature, it was an insult. He himself was the eldest of all and could not claim the throne because he was blind. He remembered it bitterly and decided to strike back.

To meet his objectives, he took help from the great minds of the times and devised a plan, which will lead him to not only win the throne but also rule the whole planet. While using the powers of the great minds he had at his disposal he accomplished the unthinkable.

His men broke the fertilized cells from the Queen’s womb, into 100 different cells and engineered them to produce the most powerful, brave, courageous and intelligent men in the history of mankind. They developed fetus in the specially made pots and containers, securely kept in well sophisticated rooms and labs.

100 strongest and bravest men were born. And the King saw his future in them. He filled with happiness, joy and proud at the sight of his bright sons.

Somewhere, in another part of the planet, some sages and saints, used their meditative and psychic powers and saw the future. They teamed up with the well known kings and great minds and scholars and came up with the counter plan. They knew that if it is not stopped now, it will destroy the humanity forever and the earth will not remain habitable land. The Mankind will be eradicated. Humans will suffer. And it will take someone wise and enlightened to counter such powerful force. They created an enlightened man with physical, spiritual and mental powers. This man wise enough to perceive the future and act accordingly. He was unstoppable once on a mission. An almost divine force!

And he went on his mission. Right from his childhood to teenage and to youth! Throughout his journey in life, he had his objectives in his focus and he acted accordingly. And step by step he reached a point where he had achieved his ultimate goal, to eliminate the 100 sons that the King created to avenge the injustice he had suffered. With him, he also eliminated all who had the knowledge of repeating such an act. The mission was accomplished and world order was restored.

Sounds like a plot from Hollywood? Yeah it is a plot, but not from Hollywood. In the most simplistic terms, it is one of the interpretations of "The Mahabharata", a Hindu scripture. Some believe it’s a mythological story. According to me it’s a well crafted historical epic written with few mythological characters. Whatever it is, every time I read something about it and I learn a wholly new aspect of life. There are some powerful lessons to be learned from this great epic. This combined with another epic; “Bhagvat Gita” is killing weapon in today’s corporate manager’s life.

The man who destroyed the ‘Clones’ is known as ‘Lord Krishna’, in Hindu mythology. He had the vision to keep earth safe from some destructive forces and he accomplished it, fully.

Project Management is about converting vision into reality. We need to break down our vision into some measurable goals and then we need to plan ahead for it. We should have the ability to ‘see the future’ and act accordingly. Our decision should be power enough to influence to outcome and responsible enough not to influence the ‘stake holder’s interests’. We should drive our lives in such a way that our days are pleasant enough to make tough and difficult choices. We always work towards the established project objectives and we also work towards our professional and personal development. Unless we have a systematic approach, we can not achieve the results as we envision them to be. Lord Krishna accomplished what he envisioned. He systematically kept on eliminating everyone associated with evil forces (Clones and associates) and finally earth was a safe place to live on.

But then He was powered with divine forces.
And we are humans.

We need power and elegance of systematic approach to help us in achieving.
Systematic Project Management just does that. And it is an Enabler.
Note:- The plot of The Mahabharata is my intrepretation and I do not claim it to be true. Please read the epic itself if you want to know more about it.

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Anonymous said...

The thing is really crazy, however I've read some parts of ur epic but never came up with this idea. Sounds pretty cool and comparison is gud. ofcourse a bit of work on the use of correct english will be better.
will look towards more from u.
have a great time, enjoy!!!