August 03, 2005

My Next Idea

Few weeks back, the life was pretty slow at work and I was finding it tough to spend at work place. It was during this time that I got a confirmation about my MBA application and I realized that I started preparing for my departure to UK.

After my return from UK, I was not left with many choices since I had past the deadlines of many of the B Schools. And of all the available choices and looking at my budgetary constraints, I zeroed in on Bradford MBA and Strathclyde MBA and got through them. After careful deliberations, I decided to go for Strathclyde MBA. It had Mr. Gerry Johnson, a guru in corporate strategy, as a faculty and it made sense to specialize in corporate strategy and organizational change. I was all charged up for it and went ahead to apply for education loan. It was at this point that all my plans were thrashed when I could not attain any loan amount from a national bank. The reason was, that there property papers were not enough to mortgage it and hence I planned to defer my admission by a year or so.

It somewhere in July 2004 that the idea of completing my MBA struck and after careful evaluation, I started to prepare for GMAT. I also took preparation classes for GMAT but it was such a waste of time. The institution where I had enrolled had a focus on CAT exam which required for entry into IIM in India. Their GMAT syllabus was heavily influenced by CAT requirements and we ended up doing something which was not required at for a decent score in GMAT.

Well, I treated my plans of going for International MBA, like an idea and nurtured it for a year to achieve it. Never mind the failure of not doing it. At least the reason of not doing MBA because you do not have money is better than, not giving it a fair try.

But this has given me another idea…

Over the last few weeks, many things have happened and this failure of mine has given rise to another idea and I have decided to nurture it.

I have decided to set up an online business and make money out of it!

I have put in last four weeks of research into it.
I have already zeroed in on what’s going to be my niche.
I have am now looking at what it will be which will give me money.
I am working on the design part of my web site.
I have tentatively kept September 2005 first week as the date of the launch, September 8, 2005, to be precise.
I have charted the vision for the next one year.
I am working on what I will do each month over the next two months. And rest of the planning I will do later, purely based on situation respponse.

With all this in place, I am sure, I can hope to rake in the moolah...over a period!

Watch this space…

There is lot more to come…


Anonymous said...

keep up with the good work


Anonymous said...

You seem to be an inspired person.
Keep up the good work