July 27, 2005

The Business of Making Money Online

There's been a vaccum at work in the last few weeks.
I was assigned to two assignments and both of them are delayed, and in this time, I have moved on to research in to my next idea.

It all started with a cusriosity on how many people are making money online. This thing called e-commererce is amazing. With the power of internet, people are making million of dollars and some of them are claiming to making thousands per month.

Although I am still trying to figure out how all this is taking place, but it has given me a new idea. While I am still researching it and I do not know what shape it will take or wheather I will set up my own online venture or an affliate marketing related web site, I know for sure it has ability generate enough wealth for the individuals like me.

One challenge I have identified is internet marketing and ensure enough traffic to your web site, which I do not know how to meet.

I will write later on this...right now I am researching into it.

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