July 25, 2005

Back in India

Last few months have been fast paced!

I have been back to Pune, India in April 2005.

Researched the avaialble B Schools in UK and started applying for them. And the process of applying to B Schools can be very demanding. All starts from Statement of Purpose and ends at wrting essays for each of the B School. All this when your project is in deep trouble and the working timings are 'reset' to 12 hours a day.

And after securing admissions in two of the best b schools in UK, a refusal for education loan from the bank! All this in five weeks time.

Its really been a fast ride. A memorable one too!!!

With no hopes of arranging a education loan, I am still hopefull of a miracle.

A topic has caugght my attention though. It's Critical Chain Project Management. I am would like to expolore it further and ofcourse, there is another topic, The Coporate Bullying, which I would like to read further about.

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