December 31, 2004

The News Reader

Being a political stories reader, I have read good amount of political stories over the last six weeks.

Tony Blair was accused of using the politics of fear, after he announced his plans of keeping the cpuntry safe from radical elements (terrorists activities). May be he got encouragement from his dear friend Mr. George Bush's landmark win in US elections and the world found the most infamous man the world over, ruling the superpower of the world. May be the world will witness another war (ensuring that the world is free from the terrorism and control of world's oil reserves are in safe hands). huh...

Like Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair had come out with a propoal of a law which would have enabled the government authorities to detain foreign nationals without any charges, under certain circumstances, and keep them in custody without trial. It was opposed by many and finally, the judiciary rejected this. Compare this with what US is doing and how it has detained many people from Afghanistan.

When I arribed here, the situation in Iraq was the prevalent topic and it still is. There is a huge concern over the way UK has engaged itself in this war and great conern for British troops in Iraq. Due to some strike by the local insurgents, there was loss of British troops, and Prime Minister was accused of handlig the situation carelesely. During his visit to Iraq, he did not give any good signs of the early return of the troops from Iraq. What baffles the common public is the way UK has engaged itself in war and the reasons behind this lose-lose engagement.

Here in UK the things are different. The common man reacts to the bad happenings ( Comparing with US). The judiciary still rules against the government notwithstanding the ruling can hamper the Prime Minister's reputation and put the country into a temporary crisis. Mr. Prime Minister was at the receiving end of lots of criticism and amongst this there was another scandal.

One minister found himself in the middle of scandal with reports of him abusing his position by fast tracking UK visa for his girl friend's relative. There was a huge scandal and lot of hue & cry. He had to keep clarifying his position, with Prime Minister beside him. Mr. Prime Minister kept supporting him, and in the end, it was an email from the minister that nailed him making him quit the office.

Compare this with what happens in India. We have almost all our ministers accused of corruption. We have seen cases where some of our ministers were reported to be getting bribes on defense equipments deals. We have some ministers who are fond of women flesh and dream of laying all the women around them.

We have ministers who are fond of killing whoever comes their way. So kind are our ministers are that they like to give away cash to keep the democracy running in our Beloved Motherland (They infact get people to vote with this method, who otherwise wouldn't have voted).

Coming back to UK now!!!

I found the media here quite good and independent, unlike CNN, Fox news et al, I found them to be reporting what the news is. With CNN and fox news, I always got the feeling that I was not getting the full view of the news. On Mondays, there is one program's on BBC. Its called thisworld. The website for this is It is one independent progamme which carries good stories about whatever goes on in the world.

The news papers are costly as compared to India but they are worth reading. If you are used the Indian news papers, you may experience little difference while reading, but after couple of weeks, you start to get used to it. I am impressed by the content of the articles and stories but don't ask me about the length. It's huge and I generally do not read one article completely. Sorry for this blunt remark but I have no patience to complete one. My favourite pick is The Guardian, in print form. but I do read The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

More later....