December 08, 2004

The One Month

Its been one month since I arrived in UK and probably it’s time to jot down some of my experiences or opinions on my trip.

The cost of living is really high. We have council tax, electricity bill, gas bill, TV license fees, water bill, cable bill, telephone bill, obviously internet charges. One good thing is here they have VAT (which the Indian Government is trying to implement) instead of various types of sales tax, excise duty etc.

You end up spending at least 800 Pounds and rest depends on your lifestyle.

After you are here, many times you do not feel that you are out of India.
There are many Asian faces.
You will come across many people talking in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and other commonly spoken languages of India. And on top of it is you are staying with family, with Hindi channels in your TV with some Indian friends; you will not miss India too much.
With KPITians in good number, this feeling of being at home increases.

The work timings are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We usually come at 8:30 AM and leave by 5:30 PM. The work culture is good. The biggest challenge SQA has to face the accent! You will find people speaking in various accents, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh! One can overcome this challenge in many ways; one of them is to watch TV and English channels only. BBC is the right channel to start with. Watching Moveis is good idea but prefer to watch BBC first since the language is a little formal and the English is Standard English. Local slang is not frequently used. Later on one can graduate to other channels.

As an SQA, we have to communicate with people and perhaps this why we succeed or fail in our jobs. The first thing to take care is to communicate in way which the oter person can understand, and therefore the interpersonal skills and communication skills are of utmost important and that is why it is very important to understand local languages. Hence, consider watching strictly English channels.

Overall, the experience has been good and it is real enriching experience to work in this setup. The Project Managers have been quiet cooperative and so far, I have not faced any problem in carrying out my duties.

The workload is not so much, but probably it will increase after some time.

Sometime back, I was going through an article one issues in Software quality process implementation. The author of the article was from Europe and he was not sure if similar kinds of issues are faced in other parts of the globe in different cultures. After working on this side of the earth, I can now say the issues are same all over. The kinds of people are same all over. There are people you contribute to the processes so much that you feel overwhelmed and many times humbled by their knowledge. Some time you will come across people who start shouting on any issues and prefer to ignore processes related activities and you have to take care of them by some other undocumented ways.