October 15, 2004

The First Note

So I am doing what I hve been willing to do for a long time. WRITING.

Well I am Puneet from Pune, India and 32 years old. They say, you learn, every moment you learn. You speak a word, you learn; you hear a word, you learn; you see something you will learn and you will learn while eyes are wide shut!

We being humans, will learn and absorb in our intelligence and move ahead. Over the years, we keep accumulating this knowledge and by the team we are old enough, we reach a stage where we can claim to be 'gurus'. Where does this knowledge go?

We stive for achivements....meeting commitment....excellence....
We care for our siblings...our family....parents...children....neighbours....colleagues....

In the process we acquire lots of knowledge...intelligence....we learn to predict the unpredictable....we learn to achieve the unachievable....

And we do not share the finer points of your knowledge just because we do not make keep ur day to day happenings documented. May not be of day to day happenings, but of some incidents days which affect us in a way.

I always wanted to write, it seems the time has arived. I will keep posting my notes in this diary to share what I know, however small it may be.

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