October 20, 2007

Aha…In Switzerland…

Just arrived in Zurich today.

Bollywood has made Switzerland a famous city. I guess like Finland, this country should also give due credit to Indian film industry. The number of tourists from India are increasing every year. as a teenager, I always wanted to come to Switzerland and have fun in the Alps.

The place is amazing, Swiss people have all the right to be proud of themselves and the achievements. To put a vast network of trains, trams and buses must have need great amount of research and planning on an ongoing basis.

The buses, trams and trains are on time. Go to a website or send SMS to a number and plan your trip, to the minute. You are guarunteed to reach anywhere in time, that too using public transport. For some one, from a city of Pune, of country where the economy is growing at the rate of approx 8%, its somekind of 'Culture Shock'. I have been to UK and there too the public transport was excellent, however in Zurich, its in a class of its own.

In my city, Pune, it took 4 years to build a flyover of 2Kms -4 Kms.

Do we have civil engineers in the decision making circles?

January 20, 2007

A come back???

Four months!!!

Its been four months since I wrote any word.

The blogger website is blocked in the organization I joined couple of months back and therefore no posts in a long time.

I plan to be regular, how frequent, however, I do not know.

Hope to stage a comeback in the blogging world.

September 12, 2006

The Mahabharata - A 'relevant mythological' epic

It was a cherished dream...

A small dream which was unfulfilled until today

I was introduced to the ancient epic from India, Mahabharata when I was not even a teenager, and then I religiously watched a television serial based on this epic. My curiosity about it has increased as the years have gone by.

I have just completed a book by C. Rajagopalchari titled, "Mahabharata". Although, not complete epic, the book gave me an almost complete idea of the story. The author has only written about the main episodes.

Needless to say, I am finding the whole of the story as relevant as the issues our world is facing in 21st century.

Is it the case that the Humans acted in a similary way in all races, regions, civilizations and all the time?

September 04, 2006

Tunisia: Tunisian Sojourn blog

I wanted to ensure the focus and therefore, after much deliberations, I have put a separate blog about Tunisia travel.

I have put the pictures first in it as there is lot of textual posts which are in the pipeline and I will add them soon.

While in Tunisia, I tried my level best to capture the beauty of the place and the surroundings, as much as I could. Although I captured some through the camera, I could not understand the local culture and issues, however, as the local news papers were in Arabic or French, the languages which I do not know at all.

While I saw the few beautiful beaches under a colorful setting sun and in a hot summer sun too, I also saw a zoo with beautiful animals. Let me also mention the medinas I visited in Tunisia. These old walled cities are a treat to the eyes of anyone who admires the beauty of rustic places.
And then there were few encounters with the locals who paid due respect to me when they learned about my nationality. The Tunisians, I think, think very higly about India and Indians.

The blog is rightly titled as Tunsian Sojourn

August 17, 2006

Back in India, Aha!!!

Reached back on Monday 14th August 2006.

It was an eventful(!) stay in Tunisia.

I experienced what harassment is, how one can abuse the available tools, technologies, resources, relationships and how the hard earned customer confidence gained over two years can be spoiled in a day's time.

I lived and worked with arabs and I am delighted. It was a beautilful experience to be with them.

There are too many lessons learned and will be documented positively. Will soon embark on the task of documenting the lessons learned, however, writing about Tunisia is first on priority.

I will start a series of posts to describe a wonderful place called Tunisia, an arabic country, sadly, most of the Indians are not aware of.

I have just started to organize the photographs. Will take another few days before I start posting them along with the posts.

August 04, 2006

Tunisia: A Beautiful place

It’s almost three months in Tunis and its been wonderful experience. Staying in an Arabic society and working with them has been a great experience.

I have been to the United States, England and Scotland earlier, but this experience was pleasantly different than the other ones.

Not sure what has made me feel this. Probably, it’s the similarity in cultures that has made me comfortable here but again I really can’t comment.

Moreover, if you tell them that you belong to India, then, most of the times, you are welcome with warmth. Tunisian people have lots of respect for India and its people. Few of my Tunisian colleagues also knew about Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Indira Gandhi. They told me that Indian history is a part of the school curriculum. Sadly, fewer Indians know about Tunisia and the experience it has to offer.

Tunisia is a beautiful country. The country has maintained the old charm while new culture and technologies are also embraced.

Some of the towns in Tunisia have kept their ancient look. In the last three weeks, I have visited several wonderful places. These visits became more of photography expeditions rather than experiencing the joy of being at a particular place. I was fortunate to visit some of the beautiful beaches, towns, historical places and a zoo. These visits gave me an opportunity to click some of the best photographs I have clicked so far.

Needless to say, I would like to comeback and stay longer here. It’s a beautiful, safe place with good, friendly, warm and helping people.

I plan to write about the visits along with the photographs after I reach back.

July 12, 2006

Mumbai: Time to Act

After the repeat of floods in Mumbai, and the city came to halt momentarily, a high court in Mumbai slammed BMC for adding to the vows of Mumbaites. A city of 17 million people crawled back to normalcy some how.

After few days, one international magazine declares the city as the rudest one on the planet.

And then comes the tragic bombing.

Not being from Mumbai can not be a reason for not thinking about it. Fortunately my family was safe in all kinds of disasters which the city of Mumbai has experienced so far; however, I have some dear friends and their loved ones in Mumbai. I have my colleagues in Mumbai. My Countrymen are in Mumbai and most of them pay taxes and have a right elect governments.

Being out of India, this point of time, this citizen of India is feeling enraged and I think that Mumbaites, including the politicians, must give a thought that:-

  • Isn’t it to time to accept that the sheer focus which Mumbai needs is so voluminous that a single government can not focus on Mumbai along with rest of the state?
  • Isn’t it the case the managing Mumbai along with the other state is becoming increasingly difficult?
  • If it is not difficult to manage then isn’t it the time to think why such things keep repeating?
  • Is this not the time to think that Mumbai needs a separate body of governing council?
  • Isn’t it that the government body’s inactions get hidden behind the spirit of Mumbaites?
  • Isn’t it that the focus of politicians of India should shift to governing better?
  • Isn’t it that the government should consider itself as a service provider in return to the taxes citizens pay?
    And most important,
  • Isn’t it a matter of proud that the politicians should realize that Mumbai has grown so much that it needs to be treated as a separate entity and needs to be taken care of with a larger perspective?

I think we need thinking politicians to think on these lines, with the most educated Prime Minister in power, I hope this will happen soon.

June 23, 2006

Mumbai: What do you mean Mr. PM

Just few days after Mr. PM said something about Mumbai, some calrifications are saught from him.

You will know what I am talking about once you read this.

Does introspection not exist?

I think introspection is just a politically correct word.

June 22, 2006

Mumbai: Will PM make the difference?

Here is what the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to say about Mumbai.

“Municipal administration should be freed from the cancer of corruption and the stranglehold of land mafias...Every citizen must feel that the municipality is of them and for them.”

Click here to read the complete news.

Mr. Prime Minister is the most educated PM India ever had. He has great fan following over the educated Indian class. Over the last few years he has taken some difficult decisions to bring India in the league of the big nations.

I emphasize that Mumbai needs more than just words. The current administration can also make a lot of difference. After all, anyone who will govern the city will have the similar power and will take oath of the same constitution and also will run the city under the same constitution of India.

June 19, 2006

Software Projects Failure

Just came across an insightful article by Mr. Caper Jones on why software projects fail.

In beginning of the articles he mentions the following three reasons for the project failrure

1. Executives often reject accurate and conservative estimates.
2. Executives apply harmful schedule pressure that damages quality.
3. Executives add major new requirements in mid-development.

In majority of the Indian IT service organizations, I think 2nd point is the most valid point.

In IT service sector, may be due to the competitive nature of business.

Mr Jones also talks about the status reporting and how a proper training on status reporting is undervalued and ignored, although it’s a critical factor in the decision making process of an organization.

Click here and enjoy the insightful discussion.

June 09, 2006

"Rang De Basanti Effect"

This movie is a defining experience, if you have seen the movie, will agree,

A story of ordinary university students, who are either drop outs/unemployed and do not believe in living life the way the world is ‘conditioned’ to live and others expect them to live.

They drink beer and salute to India Gate, drive fast on rural roads and take many risks for fun.

The bond of friendship they have...
...The idea of fun they have...
..The importance to humanity they have...
...The values love and relationship they have...
...The patriotism they awake to...
...The strength they display...
...The steps they take to correct some wrongdoings...

The urban youth of India can very well relate to them.

This movie has affected many people in urban India. It has affected the very idea of a good nation.

Now we see the “Rang De Basanti Effect” at many places. People have started voicing their concerns and opinion.

The very cast of movie itself stood behind a social cause and lead actor, Amir Khan, has invited wrath of main opposition party of India. And everyone knows who is on the wrong side of the line.

And someone like me has started to write about the what I think should be corrected in Mumbai.

I can not call this movie a turning point, but it is a defining moment in the modern India. I am sure this movie will go in the history at a deserving place.

The producers of the film have done a remarkable job.

June 08, 2006

Mumbai: Turning Around Mumbai

It’s been a while I left Mumbai for Tunis.

In my few week’s stay in Mumbai, I saw many open manholes, lots of pits around and absolutely no sign indicating that people need to be careful, the vehicles need to avoid and the workers need to take care of.

The pollution levels were very low. In fact, it was only during the peak hours that I encountered pollution. But even in this time, there was no black smoke clouds around me. I think it was due to increase in CNG usage! The road were also better than what they were when I was here last time.

I think turnaround in Mumbai is possible if

  • The metro is run independently by highly experienced and qualified administrators.
  • The governing body considers itself to be a service provider and acts accordingly.
  • Mumbai’tes gets right to renounce a non-performing government.

If its not possible, I think all we can do is pray and hope that we and our families are safe and healthy in Mumbai.

And its common knowledge, that pray along with actions brings result...

May 16, 2006

In Mumbai

It’s been less then a couple of weeks I am in Mumbai.

I have had lot of friends who are from Mumbai and each one of them keep talking about the dynamism and energy life in Mumbai has.

This is true. This is a vibrant city. The sheer energy of majority of people is amazing.

Having settled in Pune and lead a fairly active life style, I do not think I do not have much energy in me.

Mumbai is a class apart.

But I think the energy of the city is limited to the common man and not the administrators of the city.

Monsoons are approaching and…

  • The roads are dug
  • The footpaths have some uncovered manholes
  • Many places, a single step on the road, can take the life out of your body and change the course of your life, but there are no warning signs which can be seen in the dark.
  • The drains have filthy smell.
  • And I know, some income tax will be cut from my next month’s salary…

I think the very energy is setting in me…I am also a Mumbaikar with loads of energy…

May 01, 2006

Pondering Over...

Today, when I am changing over to another Organization, just pondered over the last five years...

First things first:

· The fundamentals should never be changed.

· The beginning years are very important. The childhood days should be handled with care by pumping right values to make way for strong foundations and right fundamentals.

· One must know and understand one’s own basic instincts.

· It’s just impossible to change the fabric. Our fabric should govern the strategy for envisaged future.

· The desired change must be aligned with the fundamentals and the fabric.

· If one wants to become famous and rich, he does not have to become Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Amitabh Bachchan. It’s the qualities that make or break the fortunes.

· It’s always beneficial to know your positive points but it goes a long way if you know your negative points as well and it breaks you if you don’t.

· It’s not the well written, communicated and delegated goals which make them attainable, it’s the magic of Focus which does the wonder.

· A stupid is manageable but an idiot is a high risk.

· It’s always beneficial to keep few idiots around, any one who needs to be avoided, can be asked to be with these idiots. People will go without having to avoid them.

· They say, life is about change, I say, many times it takes lot of efforts and at times efforts of a life time to bring about the desired change.

· To know people is excellent. The key is to know right people who can understand and act like consultants to advise you on what will work.

On the other thoughts

All the above points are applicable for individuals and perhaps for Organizations as well, but it's for the IIM's and Havrads to decide.

Certainly, my personal opinon...

April 12, 2006

पहली हिन्‍दी पोस्‍ट

हिन्‍दी मे लिखा तो दिल प्रसन्‍न हो गया॥

April 04, 2006

IT Projects & their Management

I have carried out various roles in various capacities with contrasting skills over the last five years.

Whenever I have a discussion with a fellow colleague, junior or senior, everyone seem to be surprised at my decision of making few lateral moves and not making any make vertical move.

I was designated as a project manager and then I made a lateral move to join the SEPG team. It was a well calculated move I made and rewards were enormous subsequently. I felt like I was growing in each aspect of the IT projects.

However, it makes me to wonder on how a professional who has only looked into the technological aspects of IT projects can claim to have so much competency that he can handle a project independently. With just 4 – 5 years of experience in IT projects and without a larger perspective, we look at the project as a set tasks, loose out on the bigger picture.

Some common traits of the project managers with very little exposure to the non-technological aspects of projects, I have noticed are:-

(These are typically the project managers with 4-7 years of experience in IT)

Well, as a fellow colleague puts it, there are people with 15 years of experience who are freshers.

• If I do not understand something, it does not exist.
• If there is something I do not know, it is not required for my project.
• The metrics is always required for compliance sake and not for project.
• My project is on track as long as I am completing the tasks as required by the customer.
• The project is successful when I deliver the project on time.
• The highest quality of the software can be developed and delivered by thoroughly testing the software and I can do it without following any organizational processes.
• Extreme Programming is the best way one can deliver high quality to the customers.

And my list goes on…

With no intentions of pointing my fingers at anyone, the point is, it takes loads of experience and exposure to various other functions to make one a good IT project manager, specially in IT Service Industry. Unless the understanding of various roles is clear and the fundamentals are right, one can make a very good stormy project manager and will keep creating storms with one or the other.

I have seen younger professionals, looking after PM’s role and making life miserable for team, the support groups and the staff in general, just because of ignorance they have.

It goes a long way when you first get the exposure and then look at vertical growth. Its always a nice idea to jump start a career but it may not be wise, unless one knows the challenges ahead and meets them.

Again with no intentions of challenging any one who has grown by leaps and bounds in his career, Congratulations, its an achievement indeed!

Let me also mention, I am still looking for a project which failed due to technological reasons, if there is any, write to me about it.

March 27, 2006

Email Tips

For Project Managers, the email writing has become a source of bread and butter and has changed the way business takes place. Typical day of anyone involved in a project team starts with emails reading and then crafting an response to convey the right message.

There have been numerous occasions when a poorly drafted email failed to convey what it was intended to convey.

I have also seen fairly good number of cases when a major misunderstanding was averted using right combination of words and a fairly good email structure. While most of the email communication depends on the individual capabilities but there are some points which, I think can be taken care of while writing an email.

I have referred to some literature on email writing and I have put some ideas of my own and compiled the following points which are must while writing an email in business scenario.

1. Keep a meaningful subject line
Use a subject that is meaningful to the recipient as well as yours. Recipients scan the subject line in order to decide whether to open, forward, file, or trash a message. Remember -- your message is not the only one in your recipient's mailbox.

2. Spell check, punctuation and grammar
Almost all of the email client messages we use, helps us in identifying some of the obvious mistakes in spellings, punctuations and grammar. And mistake in the above parameters reflects badly on your abilities and your organization’s capacities.

3. Concise Emails
You want your email to convey the right message. A long email message is difficult to read and assimilate. It will discourage the intended readers from reading it completely.

4. Do not write long sentences and paragraphs
Email is meant for quick and precise communication. It’s always advisable to keep your paragraphs size to 4-5 sentences and the sentences to 15-20 words. Understand that writing and email is different then writing a letter.

5. Do not add multiple topics
If you want to address more than one topic in one email then assume that your message will not go correctly. Restrict your email to one topic with a proper subject line. Keep your email focused.

6. Never pre-fill the email addresses
Although when you click a reply or click reply to all, the email addresses are pre filled, avoid doing it. There are chances that one click send button by mistake through an accidental click or keyboard shortcut, and an incomplete message goes to the customer with a potential to cause miscommunication or misunderstandings.

7. Do not write in ALL CAPS
Writing in all capital letters signify that you are shouting. It is very annoying and will affect the relationships adversely.

8. Respond Quickly
Given that an email is meant and understood to be a medium of quick communication, always remember to respond promptly. If you can not answer with in a work day’s time then make sure that you write an acknowledgement of receiving the communication and letting the sender know the timeframe when he should expect a reply from you.

9. Read and review your message
Do not send your message before reviewing it. If possible, get it reviewed from your colleague who is good at the art of ‘crafting an email’. Read it critically and see to it that it conveys the right message.

10. Leave the message threads
Another point you should remember while replying is that you should leave the message thread while replying. It helps in maintaining the context when there is long discussion. On the downside, it takes longer to download the messages but the benefit that communication is intact and contextual overshadows it.

11. Never reply to all, always
It is always a good idea to keep maximum people in communication loop. While replying to all is a good and quick option, it should be used sparingly. Only use Reply to All if you actually intend your message to be seen by each person who received the original message

12. Do not overuse the high priority option
If you overuse the high priority option, it won't be effective when you really do need to use it. Your message may also come across as slightly aggressive if you flag it as "high priority".

13. Use To, Cc and Bcc judiciously
Understand that in To, we mention the people for whom a particular email is meant for, Cc are the people who are should be in the communication loop and need to be kept informed; The addresses in the 'Bcc' are like 'Cc' except that the addresses in 'To' and 'Cc' do not know that the addresses in the 'Bcc' are included in the conversation. The 'To' and 'Cc' addresses are blind to the 'Bcc' addresses. As you can imagine, use of the 'Bcc' is somewhat unethical and therefore its use is discouraged.

14. Use Proper Signatures
Having a complete signature with telephone contacts details below your email, ensures that you are contactable when required.

15. Use Templates for frequently used response
Many times we come across situations when we have to respond to similar types of questions and responses to these questions also remain same, barring some personalized contents.

16. Refrain from sending large attachments
All email clients give us facility to send attachments with our emails. And if the attachments are large in size, then they also have capacity to annoy the recipients of the email or if the attachments are large enough, they can bring down the whole email system. If you have to send the attachments then send compressed attachments and ensure that virus scanners are also in place so as to avoid any potential loss of information.

17. Do not overuse high priority option
If you overuse the high priority option, it will loose its meaning when you need it the most. We all know the story of a boy who cried wolf. Moreover, if you overuse the high priority option, it will be conveyed that you are sending message with some aggression.

18. Email structure
Since an email is read on screen, it is good to format the email so that it occupies appropriate space and easy to read. Make it a point to structure it properly before you send it.

19. Abbreviations and Emoticons
It’s not a good idea to use abbreviations and emoticons in emails. It does not project a good image of the company and they do not look professional. Also be aware that your emails may be referred to by the senior management in future and not everyone is aware of all the abbreviations and emoticons. In case some people do not understand the meaning of what you want to say, then this gap will cause a communication gap or some misunderstandings.

20. Do not forward chain letters
Do not forward chain letters, email hoaxes and virus hoaxes. It is a counter productive exercise and an overhead to the network bandwidth as well.

21. Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT
Do not overuse the words URGENT and IMPORTANT. This will have same impact like using high priority option.


Another Tryst with Destiny

It’s been an amazing ride.

I prepared for an online venture of mine for six months. Roped in a friend of mine to help me with the technology issues and this man went beyond his ways to help me out. I worked days and nights together. I was about to launch it on 26th February 2006. An unexpected event occurred on 24th and I was literally forced to keep away from all this for the next six months. While I am rebuilding my health after those demanding weeks, I have realized, YOU GOT TO BE INSANE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

Not that we do not know it, we keep forgetting it.

In the next six months I have decided to start doing what I always wanted to do.
I have decided to write on Project Management more frequently, exercise and work harder and stay away from any venture.

February 16, 2006

The Tryst

…And then I turned to internet. Researched for few weeks and started a website. But starting a website was not good enough. It needed to be promoted. Free promotions need lot of work which was not possible in my case and paid promotions didn’t work. In the process, I learned lot about ecommerce. The ideas started to pour in and all needed huge capital investment.

I came across cases the housewives who started online business and now they were millionaires. But then again when they started they were housewives when they started. I came across the stories of ordinary people who are making extraordinary money. They were the ones who had done a lot to be there.

I lost some money in this process and after few months paused my online journey for a while to reflect on what I was doing and where I wanted to go. I gave good thought to it and spent few days doing nothing and then I came across a story. It was an amazing story of someone who made lot of money with a simple idea. And it had the potential to give me the MBA, which I need badly.

February 06, 2006

Getting the papers right

Given all this, finally it was clear that the bank officials would have processed the loan application if I had the right property papers. The next task to get the admission deferred for one year and I wrote to them about it.

Then it was time to get the required property related papers in place so that the loan can be applied for and it can be processed. Getting these property papers right have become a major challenge and I really not sure if we can work out the correct papers with the time required period.

My mother, who is a 74 years old woman, has been trying to figure out what needs to be done, I am not hopeful of this being done with the required time since she is still not able to figure out what needs to be done. And Me sitting here 2000 KM apart, can not help her physically. I am not sure, I do not know, in these time ‘progressive times’ why we have such cryptic rules and regulations.

I started looking for ways to raise capital to fun my MBA and tried out few things.

February 02, 2006

With the Bank Officials

While in UK my mother has been going to this bank branch and had asked about the feasibility of the loan. The MBA classes were going to start from September 2005 and hence I targeted to get my documents in order by July 2005. Being aware that I will have to reach the bank personally to apply for the loan take the installments from there, we also started to show all the documents to the bank officials so that we can arrange in the next four months to come.

After doing all this, the bank officials had conveyed to my mother that the loan could be arranged and I could go and meet them.

And after this, I flew to my place and had a word with Bank Manager….
…and surprises starting to roll in…

First I was informed that I am not eligible as I do not have a residence proof in their operating area…I am based in Pune in the state of Maharashtra and I had to fly to YamunaNagar in the state of Haryana. Although the Bank Officials were already informed by my mother about the case!!!

Then according to them I was not eligible because I did not have a valid MBA admissions confirmation from Strathclyde University and Bradford University. (I do not know how can a person be not eligible for a education loan, just because one person does not understand what the procedure of international MBA is!!!)

Then I was informed that I was not eligible because I was not a holding a admission letter from a recognized university. If at all I wanted to be eligible for the loan amount, It would be better, if I go to Indian Embassy and get the attestation from there that the university was eligible. (Well…all I can say is Strathclyde and Bradford MBAs have been appearing in FT rankings and numerous other rankings in the past. These bank managers should definitely have a say in these rankings otherwise this is an insult to them!!! Their participation is required so that it can FEED their EGO!!!)

After this hatrick of-sorts, and after some more conversations, the I was again informed that I can apply for the loan its better that I get the documents of the property which I am planning to keep as security so that things could be moved fast. (Till date I could not figure out what triggered the bank manager to think about the fast process now since I know that I am not that great a negotiator). I was given the contact number of the advocate and I contacted him almost instantly. And then began the real surprises to roll in….

After the advocate made me to run from one office to another and being available for discussions only for half an hour, for seven days, it was proved to me that the property we own is really not ours. That property belonged to my grandfather, who died in 1960s. and therefore there is no paper on which we can the security for the loan amount can be kept and hence I am not eligible for the loan.

I was advised to pack my bags and not return to my job so that I do not put the job at risk. My well wishers were right in a sense. With six working days, I was still trying to prove that I was eligible for the loan and the bank officials were of the opinion that I was not eligible for the education loan. I decided not to waste time since it was august already and I had to be in the class by Setember 19th.

This time the reason for denying a loan was convincing.

January 30, 2006

Planning for the goal

It was in mid 2004 that I realized that after having spent 7 years in and with Indian IT industry maturing and consoldating, there was a need to upgrade the skills we have. Being an aggressive person, I decided to take my career to the next level and set a target for myself. It was to gain an international MBA by studying full time in an international B-School. I did not want to opt for Indian B-Schools becasue I think that we still live in a world of perfomance in exams and there is too much importance attached to the theory papers. Again in my humble opinion.

This goal brought with months of grilling activities and preparation for GMAT, IELTS, shortlisitng the schools, writing Essays and Satement of Purpose amongst my daily routine of work at office and attending to my daughter in the evenings and weekends. In between, I had to be in UK for some assignment for 5-6 months, which disturbed my preparation severly.

Thanks to wife for supporting me althrough.

But it was all the worth, after I got through University of Bradford and University of Startclyde. I managed to secure a position in full time MBA in both the B-Schools. It was a like I was going to be living my dream. I had realized that what we mean by living our own dreams. And started taking action for the way ahead...and knocked on the doors of few nationalized banks for Education Loan.

There I was sitting in front of Bank Manager and having a chat about the loan...

January 20, 2006

2005:The MOST MEMORABLE year!

Last year has been a memorable one...A year when I set a goal and could not achieve it...rarely it happens when I set a goal and I do not achieve it...even after working over it for a long time...I set a goal in 2004..worked slowly on it...identified milestones...kept on working on it everyday and kept on achieving milestones as well...it took me full one year to reach the last but one milestone..complete 12 months of exercise apart from the work...But it was in my mind...at work...at home...while driving my car...or when I was struck in traffic..on the bumpy roads of my city (at times flooded)..while having on the dining table or in the bathroom of my house.

It was all over...the cliche that “You must give it what you have” was visibly in action.

I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of my efforts and had been working well for the last milestone as well. things were going smooth very well and it was in line with what I had envisaged and planned... TILL....

I knocked at the doors of the great INDIAN SARKARI BABUS...(The red tape laden government officials)!!!

It was a greatest ever roadblock I had ever come across. Anyone who has tried to get things alone in the govt offices...can very well relate to my statement.

Will write more about it...Watch this space...

Although it does not happen all the time and I do come across good govt officers, the impact of meeting such govt officers was so high that it has absolutely ruined my chances of getting an MBA from UK. Moreover we can find more examples of inefficient govt officers then the good ones..or are the good ones under publicised?

I think, we should have a recognition system. The citizens should be given an opportunity to recognize effcient govt offices and it should be supported by paper and electronics media. We will have more examples of good govt offiers and hope the system would improve then.

On my next idea

For my online business I have researched into many ways of making it big online and one thing which stands out is, it takes efforts and time. Since I spend most of my time in IT, I decided to align my online effrots with my profession and will soon be putting my idea into action.

till then...
Just chill

November 16, 2005

Project Management: for Humans!!!

A prince of a flourishing kingdom, who aspired to be a King one day but lost out to his younger brother due to the fact that he himself was blind, found himself on the throne due to premature death of his younger sibling. The sages, saints and scholars of the country decided that he will remain the caretaker of the kingdom and the throne.

All the king’s men remained loyal to him and he run the kingdom excellently and it flourished further. The king had fabulous children and the young princes were intelligent, brave, courageous determined and fame their spread like wildfire on the earth.

The king’s younger brother, who had died at a very young age, had left a wife and five sons. His young son’s we also very brave, brilliant students and claimed their fame at a very young age.

According to the arrangement, the King will have to give his kingdom to the eldest of them, he being eldest of all and the legitimate heir to the throne, after his father’s death.

The king remembered it all his life. For a man of hi stature, it was an insult. He himself was the eldest of all and could not claim the throne because he was blind. He remembered it bitterly and decided to strike back.

To meet his objectives, he took help from the great minds of the times and devised a plan, which will lead him to not only win the throne but also rule the whole planet. While using the powers of the great minds he had at his disposal he accomplished the unthinkable.

His men broke the fertilized cells from the Queen’s womb, into 100 different cells and engineered them to produce the most powerful, brave, courageous and intelligent men in the history of mankind. They developed fetus in the specially made pots and containers, securely kept in well sophisticated rooms and labs.

100 strongest and bravest men were born. And the King saw his future in them. He filled with happiness, joy and proud at the sight of his bright sons.

Somewhere, in another part of the planet, some sages and saints, used their meditative and psychic powers and saw the future. They teamed up with the well known kings and great minds and scholars and came up with the counter plan. They knew that if it is not stopped now, it will destroy the humanity forever and the earth will not remain habitable land. The Mankind will be eradicated. Humans will suffer. And it will take someone wise and enlightened to counter such powerful force. They created an enlightened man with physical, spiritual and mental powers. This man wise enough to perceive the future and act accordingly. He was unstoppable once on a mission. An almost divine force!

And he went on his mission. Right from his childhood to teenage and to youth! Throughout his journey in life, he had his objectives in his focus and he acted accordingly. And step by step he reached a point where he had achieved his ultimate goal, to eliminate the 100 sons that the King created to avenge the injustice he had suffered. With him, he also eliminated all who had the knowledge of repeating such an act. The mission was accomplished and world order was restored.

Sounds like a plot from Hollywood? Yeah it is a plot, but not from Hollywood. In the most simplistic terms, it is one of the interpretations of "The Mahabharata", a Hindu scripture. Some believe it’s a mythological story. According to me it’s a well crafted historical epic written with few mythological characters. Whatever it is, every time I read something about it and I learn a wholly new aspect of life. There are some powerful lessons to be learned from this great epic. This combined with another epic; “Bhagvat Gita” is killing weapon in today’s corporate manager’s life.

The man who destroyed the ‘Clones’ is known as ‘Lord Krishna’, in Hindu mythology. He had the vision to keep earth safe from some destructive forces and he accomplished it, fully.

Project Management is about converting vision into reality. We need to break down our vision into some measurable goals and then we need to plan ahead for it. We should have the ability to ‘see the future’ and act accordingly. Our decision should be power enough to influence to outcome and responsible enough not to influence the ‘stake holder’s interests’. We should drive our lives in such a way that our days are pleasant enough to make tough and difficult choices. We always work towards the established project objectives and we also work towards our professional and personal development. Unless we have a systematic approach, we can not achieve the results as we envision them to be. Lord Krishna accomplished what he envisioned. He systematically kept on eliminating everyone associated with evil forces (Clones and associates) and finally earth was a safe place to live on.

But then He was powered with divine forces.
And we are humans.

We need power and elegance of systematic approach to help us in achieving.
Systematic Project Management just does that. And it is an Enabler.
Note:- The plot of The Mahabharata is my intrepretation and I do not claim it to be true. Please read the epic itself if you want to know more about it.

August 03, 2005

10 things for blogging

I just came across this website which states The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Blog.

Find it at http://www.inc.com/articles/2005/07/blogging.html

Happy Reading

My Next Idea

Few weeks back, the life was pretty slow at work and I was finding it tough to spend at work place. It was during this time that I got a confirmation about my MBA application and I realized that I started preparing for my departure to UK.

After my return from UK, I was not left with many choices since I had past the deadlines of many of the B Schools. And of all the available choices and looking at my budgetary constraints, I zeroed in on Bradford MBA and Strathclyde MBA and got through them. After careful deliberations, I decided to go for Strathclyde MBA. It had Mr. Gerry Johnson, a guru in corporate strategy, as a faculty and it made sense to specialize in corporate strategy and organizational change. I was all charged up for it and went ahead to apply for education loan. It was at this point that all my plans were thrashed when I could not attain any loan amount from a national bank. The reason was, that there property papers were not enough to mortgage it and hence I planned to defer my admission by a year or so.

It somewhere in July 2004 that the idea of completing my MBA struck and after careful evaluation, I started to prepare for GMAT. I also took preparation classes for GMAT but it was such a waste of time. The institution where I had enrolled had a focus on CAT exam which required for entry into IIM in India. Their GMAT syllabus was heavily influenced by CAT requirements and we ended up doing something which was not required at for a decent score in GMAT.

Well, I treated my plans of going for International MBA, like an idea and nurtured it for a year to achieve it. Never mind the failure of not doing it. At least the reason of not doing MBA because you do not have money is better than, not giving it a fair try.

But this has given me another idea…

Over the last few weeks, many things have happened and this failure of mine has given rise to another idea and I have decided to nurture it.

I have decided to set up an online business and make money out of it!

I have put in last four weeks of research into it.
I have already zeroed in on what’s going to be my niche.
I have am now looking at what it will be which will give me money.
I am working on the design part of my web site.
I have tentatively kept September 2005 first week as the date of the launch, September 8, 2005, to be precise.
I have charted the vision for the next one year.
I am working on what I will do each month over the next two months. And rest of the planning I will do later, purely based on situation respponse.

With all this in place, I am sure, I can hope to rake in the moolah...over a period!

Watch this space…

There is lot more to come…

July 27, 2005

Change Management.

I came acorss this blog and liked it a lot. The author has said few things about change management which made sense to me.

Sharing this link with you all.

Happy Reading.

... notes on change management

The Business of Making Money Online

There's been a vaccum at work in the last few weeks.
I was assigned to two assignments and both of them are delayed, and in this time, I have moved on to research in to my next idea.

It all started with a cusriosity on how many people are making money online. This thing called e-commererce is amazing. With the power of internet, people are making million of dollars and some of them are claiming to making thousands per month.

Although I am still trying to figure out how all this is taking place, but it has given me a new idea. While I am still researching it and I do not know what shape it will take or wheather I will set up my own online venture or an affliate marketing related web site, I know for sure it has ability generate enough wealth for the individuals like me.

One challenge I have identified is internet marketing and ensure enough traffic to your web site, which I do not know how to meet.

I will write later on this...right now I am researching into it.

July 26, 2005

Marketing Blog by Marketing Journal - Information and Knowledge on Marketing

I found a very well organized and written blog the link of which I am including here.

Marketing Blog by Marketing Journal - Information and Knowledge on Marketing

Happy Reading

July 25, 2005

Back in India

Last few months have been fast paced!

I have been back to Pune, India in April 2005.

Researched the avaialble B Schools in UK and started applying for them. And the process of applying to B Schools can be very demanding. All starts from Statement of Purpose and ends at wrting essays for each of the B School. All this when your project is in deep trouble and the working timings are 'reset' to 12 hours a day.

And after securing admissions in two of the best b schools in UK, a refusal for education loan from the bank! All this in five weeks time.

Its really been a fast ride. A memorable one too!!!

With no hopes of arranging a education loan, I am still hopefull of a miracle.

A topic has caugght my attention though. It's Critical Chain Project Management. I am would like to expolore it further and ofcourse, there is another topic, The Coporate Bullying, which I would like to read further about.

February 02, 2005

Role of SQA

It's been more than two yers now since I started my assignement as SQA in KPIT Cummins and it seems it has been a long time. I enjoyed my role through and through since it involved lot of interactions, interpersonal and communications skills. It demanded personal integrity and relationship building skills. Where as the skills of CMM were obviously esential, I started this role without handson knowledge of CMM and was reading KPIT Cummins QS processes to catch up.

It has been my one of most liked role so far and I have got very long friends list due to it.

An SQA function is increasingly becoming important and serious in the organizations. With the current thurst on Software Quality certifications and cometition fast increasing, the organizations need SQA people more than any other times in the history. i will explore today what are the qaulities that are required to perform and SQA role.

First and the foremost
Personal Integrity:- It is the utmost duty of an SQA to be firm on findings and present to the appropriate persons irrespective of the politics or tactics used by the affected people.

Lets face it. In any kind of set up where the performing groups needs some kind of 'go-ahead' from an internal group, the bearocracy and politics, the degree of which may vary, is expected to be there and also one should expect good amount of pressures from numerous quarters. The very nature of SQA job is to pint out mistakes and produce a report which can potentially halt the timely delivery (well timely is not rigt word, it should be already late, since delivery always had to be yesterday). Additionally this report also has potential to create some room for reprimands and the project team may have to answer some difficult question. With this in mind, there will be influencing forces from various sides. Such situations will call for a very high level of personal integrity and personal commitment.

People person:- Now with SQA job, comes the responsobilty of getting things done from people who are not reportng to you, who are not a part of your projects and who are already under pressures from all side can very easily blast you, only if you are not careful and sensitive to other's needs. I am sure there will be circumstances when we try to get things done and what we get is either a sly reply, a laughter rediculing you or a blunt answer. You just can not do things with keeping any involved parties unhappy and expect to get things done. One may argue that, if someone does not see any value in doing a cetain thing in a certain way, it should be presented that way or a deviation should be sought. It is a very good argument but not practical, since there are many factors that drive process/product compliance or non-compliances like deadlines, pressures and skills levels etc. In all these circumstances, it becomes imperative for the project people to keep up with the pressures fom various quarters and they tend to ignore the compliance issues unless they have been directed by the senior management or the customers. Given this, It is a highly requred that SQA is easy to be friends with and can build relations with the slightest opportunity. You can't do it without being a People Person. Can you?

Understanding of organization Culture:- As stated above, SQA has to be a people person. We have to be careful in all kinds of dealing with people when we are new to the role or new to the organization. If you are used to a set up where things are done only after escalations and SQA is not very well recieved and suddenly in a new organization, you have to deal with mature organization, you will end up creating a mess for yourself if you do not understand the organization culture first befoe escalating. There are many factors like, the way we approach people and the way request a time slot for various meetings. Somewhere you have to write a mail or somewhere you can simply go and talk to them. There are some behavioural patterens which differe from Organization to Organization. We have to understand the prevalantcuilture first.

Technical Skills:- We have to understand the basics of the framework within which we will have to work and later on one has to work with the framework and keep on upgrading the skills. Not only a professional compulsion, but also need of the framework you are working with in. You have to always expolore the opportunities to tweak the current framework. Efficiency of any framework is the key. Be it systems development framework or a process improvement framework.

Coach:- Being an SQA, it is very important to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of an SQA to help the project not only to comply wtih the organizational`poilicies, procedures and standards, but also to act like a coach whenever required. One of the opportunity for such a role is inadequate exeperince or skill levele of the project team, or a project has been reporting some avoidable issues. One has to wear a hat of a coach here and carry all of them along and leave the project to them after they are sufficiently trained. No matter how much training you give to the new peopple, but statistics show, only 20% of the knowledge taught is abosorbed and understod, remaining 80% gets registered only after practicing. Again being a people person becomes a prime personal trait of an SQA.

Catalysts for process improvements:-Process Improvement is an SEPG Activity! That's a very correct statement. And it certainly does keep the SQA out of improvement cycle. And an SQA's job ends with some reviews or meeting and this is a very wrong statement. An SQA has to be on constant look out for improvement opportunities like a Tiger on the Prowl and pass it on to the right people. SEPG will function in a much better way if SQA treats itself as a integration between SEPG and the practitioners. Becoming a catalyst for improvement creates a win-win situation for all the affected people and builds a better frmework to work on.

Having worked as an SQA in INDIA and UK as well my experience has been no different so far. My way of working has notchanged. The people skills have played a vital role in my short career as an SQA and are still playing critical role as an SQA. The technical challenges faced by an SQA has remained same in both parts of the world. Right Process, Right Place and Ritght time.

December 31, 2004

The News Reader

Being a political stories reader, I have read good amount of political stories over the last six weeks.

Tony Blair was accused of using the politics of fear, after he announced his plans of keeping the cpuntry safe from radical elements (terrorists activities). May be he got encouragement from his dear friend Mr. George Bush's landmark win in US elections and the world found the most infamous man the world over, ruling the superpower of the world. May be the world will witness another war (ensuring that the world is free from the terrorism and control of world's oil reserves are in safe hands). huh...

Like Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair had come out with a propoal of a law which would have enabled the government authorities to detain foreign nationals without any charges, under certain circumstances, and keep them in custody without trial. It was opposed by many and finally, the judiciary rejected this. Compare this with what US is doing and how it has detained many people from Afghanistan.

When I arribed here, the situation in Iraq was the prevalent topic and it still is. There is a huge concern over the way UK has engaged itself in this war and great conern for British troops in Iraq. Due to some strike by the local insurgents, there was loss of British troops, and Prime Minister was accused of handlig the situation carelesely. During his visit to Iraq, he did not give any good signs of the early return of the troops from Iraq. What baffles the common public is the way UK has engaged itself in war and the reasons behind this lose-lose engagement.

Here in UK the things are different. The common man reacts to the bad happenings ( Comparing with US). The judiciary still rules against the government notwithstanding the ruling can hamper the Prime Minister's reputation and put the country into a temporary crisis. Mr. Prime Minister was at the receiving end of lots of criticism and amongst this there was another scandal.

One minister found himself in the middle of scandal with reports of him abusing his position by fast tracking UK visa for his girl friend's relative. There was a huge scandal and lot of hue & cry. He had to keep clarifying his position, with Prime Minister beside him. Mr. Prime Minister kept supporting him, and in the end, it was an email from the minister that nailed him making him quit the office.

Compare this with what happens in India. We have almost all our ministers accused of corruption. We have seen cases where some of our ministers were reported to be getting bribes on defense equipments deals. We have some ministers who are fond of women flesh and dream of laying all the women around them.

We have ministers who are fond of killing whoever comes their way. So kind are our ministers are that they like to give away cash to keep the democracy running in our Beloved Motherland (They infact get people to vote with this method, who otherwise wouldn't have voted).

Coming back to UK now!!!

I found the media here quite good and independent, unlike CNN, Fox news et al, I found them to be reporting what the news is. With CNN and fox news, I always got the feeling that I was not getting the full view of the news. On Mondays, there is one program's on BBC. Its called thisworld. The website for this is www.bbc.co.uk/thisworld. It is one independent progamme which carries good stories about whatever goes on in the world.

The news papers are costly as compared to India but they are worth reading. If you are used the Indian news papers, you may experience little difference while reading, but after couple of weeks, you start to get used to it. I am impressed by the content of the articles and stories but don't ask me about the length. It's huge and I generally do not read one article completely. Sorry for this blunt remark but I have no patience to complete one. My favourite pick is The Guardian, in print form. but I do read The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

More later....

December 08, 2004

The One Month

Its been one month since I arrived in UK and probably it’s time to jot down some of my experiences or opinions on my trip.

The cost of living is really high. We have council tax, electricity bill, gas bill, TV license fees, water bill, cable bill, telephone bill, obviously internet charges. One good thing is here they have VAT (which the Indian Government is trying to implement) instead of various types of sales tax, excise duty etc.

You end up spending at least 800 Pounds and rest depends on your lifestyle.

After you are here, many times you do not feel that you are out of India.
There are many Asian faces.
You will come across many people talking in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and other commonly spoken languages of India. And on top of it is you are staying with family, with Hindi channels in your TV with some Indian friends; you will not miss India too much.
With KPITians in good number, this feeling of being at home increases.

The work timings are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We usually come at 8:30 AM and leave by 5:30 PM. The work culture is good. The biggest challenge SQA has to face the accent! You will find people speaking in various accents, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh! One can overcome this challenge in many ways; one of them is to watch TV and English channels only. BBC is the right channel to start with. Watching Moveis is good idea but prefer to watch BBC first since the language is a little formal and the English is Standard English. Local slang is not frequently used. Later on one can graduate to other channels.

As an SQA, we have to communicate with people and perhaps this why we succeed or fail in our jobs. The first thing to take care is to communicate in way which the oter person can understand, and therefore the interpersonal skills and communication skills are of utmost important and that is why it is very important to understand local languages. Hence, consider watching strictly English channels.

Overall, the experience has been good and it is real enriching experience to work in this setup. The Project Managers have been quiet cooperative and so far, I have not faced any problem in carrying out my duties.

The workload is not so much, but probably it will increase after some time.

Sometime back, I was going through an article one issues in Software quality process implementation. The author of the article was from Europe and he was not sure if similar kinds of issues are faced in other parts of the globe in different cultures. After working on this side of the earth, I can now say the issues are same all over. The kinds of people are same all over. There are people you contribute to the processes so much that you feel overwhelmed and many times humbled by their knowledge. Some time you will come across people who start shouting on any issues and prefer to ignore processes related activities and you have to take care of them by some other undocumented ways.

November 29, 2004

The Indian Counsulate

I went to Counsulate general of India Office in Birmingham to day and had a long day there. Based in Nottingham, just a 1.25 hours away from Birmingham, I read all the necessary informatiom from the website and reched the location by 10:00 AM.

It was appalling to see the sight inside. The hall was packed to it’s capacity, rather I should say that it was out of it’s capacity. Many people had to stand and there was no place to sit for many people.

There is one window for reception/information. And the there is no place to place to stand in queue for more than 10 people. I had to go there to get an affidavit do that my wife can submit application for my 2 years old daughter’s passport. I was given two forms to fill up and then was asked to go to a particular counter. I stood in the ques for more than one hour and all of us (Around 10 people) we realized that the que is not where we were standing, the queue was somewhere else.

After wasting one hour, I waited for another two hours for my turn to come and though they mention on their web site that the documents can be collected in the evening, I was asked to come the next day and I was given an option that they could send me the document if I give them an self addressed envelope from a near by post office.

No notice board mentioned where to stand for queues. Not notice board mentioned about requirement of envelop for postal delivery. We site talks about the same day delivery but they do not practice it.

What a sorry sate of affairs... We just can leave our habits of being slow and inefficient. People were fighting for a place in the queues and no one was allowed to go in for the second time on the same window.

In these highly competitive times, when the time if valued very highly, some how we just managed to find ways to waste it.

November 19, 2004

The Travel

It's been a while since I arrived here and it’s time to share some experiences.
I have been sharing accommodation with some of my co-workers. Most of the houses here are two storied and the stairs, which, are from with in the house, can be really dangerous for the babies of less than 3-4 years, if they are not supervised. These stairs do not have a proper door on both the sides and if kids move without supervision, the can easily fall down. However, I managed to find a single storied house. Otherwise, we would have had some real trouble while controlling our daughter.

The journey from Mumbai to Muscat was good but too bad from Muscat to London (Heathrow). In this LEG, I was sitting in the centre row with other passengers on both the sides. I had one old lady on one side of my seat and a boy of 10-12 years of age on the other side who was travelling with his mother, and incidentally she who had a frowned face. She was shouting at other passengers at the slightest provocation and caused a great amount of disturbance (turbulence in the aircraft???). At Abu Dhabi, the crew realized that there were two extra passengers in the flight and we all were expected to get down and again board the flight. The extra passengers could be located sooner nonetheless. These were 2 females who had a valid boarding pass but of some other flight (BTW they were allowed to board the plane in Muscat using the same boarding pass???)))

The service in Gulf air is not good. I did not get water because the air hostess was serving tea to passengers in other rows. The toilet paper was not changed because the available staffs were busy with collecting the ‘after dinner garbage’ (and there were only 3-4 staff).By the time I reached Heathrow, I was too tired and did not have any capacity to travel further. However the climate in London was good and the fresh air had refreshing effect on me. I took a bus from London to Nottingham and reached home by 2:00 in the afternoon (On 31st Oct).

The next day I was in office and since then I have been trying to settle down.

CapitalOne is a one of the prominent employers here. The facilities for employees are good. There are some vending machines for different purposes. We have a vending machine where we can charge our access cards with some money and later this card can be used for payment in other vending machines or canteens (at least I am aware of, there is a possibility that there can be many more). I usually come to the office by 8:00 or 8:30 AM and leave by 5:00 5:30 PM. Some times it can be later than this but very rarely it happens.Work wise, I am finding it OK and with English accent being the only challenge to overcome. There is a dress code applicable here and which many of the employees do not follow. Since I am here as a contractor, I follow dress code religiously with me wearing trousers and shirts daily (A shock to all my friends back home). I wear jeans only on weekends and not everyday.

Its getting cold nowadays. The night temperature is close to zero and sometimes below zero. Since breeze keeps blowing, you feel colder and have to use caps and gloves. (though still have to buy them). I use tram for my travel to and from office. Tram and Bus network is very good and we do not have to buy a car or two-wheeler for this purpose.We avoid going out beyond 7:00 in the evening. It’s not safe to be out after it gets dark. The crime rate is very high and punks are also around.

It snowed here last night. The falling snow was looking excellent under yellow-orange coloured street lights. A layer of snow was visible on roofs and gardens at dawn too. It looked beautiful.Some days back there was news in the paper. It was about a team building exercise carried out somewhere in UK. Since the team members new to each other, making a porn movie amongst the willing team members was taken up as a team building exercise and the makers were talking about ‘next time’. It’s one of the real weird stories.

The shopping malls here are full of Asians with Punjabi speaking people more in number. Most of the times I do not feel the I am not in India. If the shopkeeper is an Asian, he will talk to you in Hindi or some local language. Many are Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. I met some one and he introduced himself as a Pakistani. We talked and after some time I enquired about his native place in Pakistan, “Kashmir” was the reply. I took me a while to understand that he was from POK. After this I stopped talking to anyone about native place.

These days the news papers are filled up with stories of events in Iraq and Prime Minister Blair’s stand on Iraq war.More about it in the next text...

October 15, 2004

The First Note

So I am doing what I hve been willing to do for a long time. WRITING.

Well I am Puneet from Pune, India and 32 years old. They say, you learn, every moment you learn. You speak a word, you learn; you hear a word, you learn; you see something you will learn and you will learn while eyes are wide shut!

We being humans, will learn and absorb in our intelligence and move ahead. Over the years, we keep accumulating this knowledge and by the team we are old enough, we reach a stage where we can claim to be 'gurus'. Where does this knowledge go?

We stive for achivements....meeting commitment....excellence....
We care for our siblings...our family....parents...children....neighbours....colleagues....

In the process we acquire lots of knowledge...intelligence....we learn to predict the unpredictable....we learn to achieve the unachievable....

And we do not share the finer points of your knowledge just because we do not make keep ur day to day happenings documented. May not be of day to day happenings, but of some incidents days which affect us in a way.

I always wanted to write, it seems the time has arived. I will keep posting my notes in this diary to share what I know, however small it may be.